Maintenance of a Fiberglass Exterior Door

Regular Maintenance Gives Your Doors Long-life

A very expensive, high quality wood door may be able to resist largely moisture damage, fungal rot and peeling. Less expensive alternatives cannot do so indefinitely whereas fiberglass entry doors are impervious to water damage.

Replace The Hardware

The hardware includes all the basic metal parts of the door such as the door handle, lock, keyhole, hinges. It also includes the optional accessories like the knocker, brackets, and peephole. Over time these items lose their luster, get chipped, and in general acquire an aged look. If the hardware is not updated then the look between the hardware and door will exhibit a mismatch. maintenance of fiberglass entry doors

The slab and the hardware both require maintenace over time

Susceptible To Some Damages

That is not to say that fiberglass entry doors cannot be damaged at all - for example, they can be scratched or chipped. However, in day to day wear-and-tear, fiberglass doors can easily outlast a typical wooden one. This is true of fiberglass garage doors thus ensuring long term cost savings as time to replacement is often much longer than for doors made of more traditional materials. When there is damage, there are usually two courses of action one can take for repairs. Physical damage that changes the shape of the door, such as a scratch or chip in the fiberglass entry door will require complicated fiberglass repair kits. Less prominent damage such as peeling or decolorization of finish requires a much simpler repair procedure of staining and finishing the door.


Upon purchase of a new door or door system, retailers and manufacturers will supply the consumer with the appropriate brand of stain and clear coat finish. These are not unlike wood stains and urethane coatings used on regular doors. When applied to fiberglass entry doors, these coating products can be just as easily damaged by direct sunlight, rain water and general exposure to the elements. The clear finish that came with the fiberglass entry doors will become dulled over time. Depending on the quality of the door, the warranty on the finish can last from one to five years.


In order to recoat the fiberglass entry door with finish, you should adhere to instructions with respect to fiberglass materials. Prior to coating, a stain should be applied to a clean exterior. The stain must be applied only after careful cleaning to remove dust and dirt particulates. You can use the cleaner that accompanied the door purchase, or you can purchase a cleaner that is safe to use on fiberglass. It is important to refrain from applying other kinds of soap or cleansing agent to the fiberglass. The probability is low, but there is a small chance that another off-the-shelf cleaner or soap agent can strip the remaining stain or finish right off. You will want to work in a well-ventilated area to avoid breathing in the strong fumes that can damage lung and nerve cells. At the same time, stay out of direct sunlight or high speed winds. Both of these will hamper the proper drying of the stain and finish.

Instructions For Good Staining

Take a look at the video above which shows staining for a fiberglass door. It is important to pay attention to the instructions as there may be a particular sequence of application for the various stains. If the sequence is not followed, the result can be an uneven, sporadic staining. Finally, the stains should be left alone for several days before the clear coat is used. Good fiberglass entry door manufacturers provide a sample piece against which to test whether your door is aging. This piece of fiberglass is kept indoors away from sun and wind and moisture. Over time, the owner of the fiberglass entry doors can compare the fiberglass sample to ascertain whether the doors were aging ungracefully. The reason for this periodic checking is that the problems can be caught while small - and periodic finishing updates are substantially easier than massive projects.

Double configuration

Doors can come in a double configuration. Moreover, "side-lites" can be added to adorn the frame of the door.


Depending on your home, your door can be customized to include a "transom" that runs over the top.

Robust to Weather

Regions with changeable climates that see wintry rain and snow can be ideal for non-wood doors.

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photo by jdickert via CC 2.0

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